Use USilio as your online synced Supremo address book

//Use USilio as your online synced Supremo address book

One of the most important functionalities of USilio is that it’s able to work as an online synced address book for Supremo.

It’s really easy to connect your Supremo address book to USilio and you can also import to USilio all your actual offline address book.

Launch Supremo and open the address book. Then specify your USilio credentials:

USilio - Supremo login

You can now see all your contacts. The ones with the Uranium Backup icon on the left doesn’t have any Supremo credential. There are four button at the top, the first one starting from the left adds a contact, the second one creates a Group, the third one allows to import offline contacts and the latter performs a logout:

USilio - Supremo synced addressbook

From the import tab you can easily select which contacts you want to import and click the arrow to perform the operation:

USilio - Import contacts from the offline Supremo addressbook

By right-clicking on a contact and selecting Properties, you can edit the information and – eventually – add or update the Supremo credentials:

USilio - Edit contact preferences from Supremo

Note: any modification to the Groups or contacts will be automatically synced to USilio and vicecersa.


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