Use the Backup History

//Use the Backup History

Subscribing an USilio Premium plan – or activating the Trial from the Subscription tab of the console – you will be able to manage your backups directly from USilio.

The Backup History shows all the latest backup executions, with the results of the operation and other important information.

The backup executions are showed in reverse chronological order. The first column contians the results, divided into Success, Warning or Error:

  • Success indicates a backup completed successfully
  • Error indicates a backup completed with errors
  • Warning indicates an execution with 0 bytes transfered, a potentially risky situation that requires a check

You can simply jump from the Backup History to the specific Group, Computer or Backup Set by clicking the Group, Computer or Backup Set name.

You can also check the scheduling, run the backup set and connect with Supremo to the computer (or to add the Supremo access credentials if not present):

USilio - The Backup History

Clicking Filter results you can sort the executions by Group, Computer, Backup Set, Execution Date or Result:

USilio - Filters of the Backup History

You can modify the Default view of the Bakup History from the Settings tab:

Backup History and email report


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