Manage your backup set

//Manage your backup set

Subscribing an USilio Premium plan – or activating the Trial from the Subscription tab of the console – you will be able to manage your backups directly from USilio.

Selecting a Computer with Uranium Backup from the Computers tab, you can check all the backup sets running on it.

The Supremo icon allows to specify the remote access credentials or, if already present, to remote control the machine:

USilio - Add Supremo credentials from Backup Set

For any backup set you can check the date and time of the latest backup and start a backup set manually.
(NB: Uranium Backup must be installed and the client must be connected to USilio).

By clicking on Settings icon of the backup set you can:

Menù backup set

  • Manage scheduling


  • Rename or delete backup sets
  • Exclude the backup set from notification system

Notifications excluded

The Runs column contains all the backup set execution.
By clicking the Download icon you will download the execution log:

USilio - Logs


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