How USilio works

//How USilio works

USilio is an IT Management Console developed to make you monitor, manage and control your Uranium Backup and Supremo clients.

On the left side there’s a menu to access the main pages of the console.

The Computers tab shows all the clients connected to USilio ordered by Groups. It’s possible to check the status of the backup set and to perform actions like manually running a backup or download an Error log:

USilio - Groups and Computers

Computer and backup sets

The Backup History shows all the backup executions in a descending chronological order. You can control the remote machine through Supremo, run the backup set again or download the log:

USilio - Backup history

The Subscription page allows to check the status of your plan.
Subscribing an USilio for Uranium Backup plan or activating the Trial, you will be able to manage your backups directly from USilio:

USilio - Subscription

From the Profile page you can configure your contact information and change the USilio password:

USilio - Profile

The Settings page allows to configure the Backup History default view and the Email report:

Email report


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