Add a computer: Uranium Backup

//Add a computer: Uranium Backup

Subscribing an USilio Premium plan – or activating the Trial from the Subscription tab of the console – you will be able to manage your backups directly from USilio.

To add an Uranium Backup client you need to access the PC where Uranium is installed. It’s not possible to remotely add an Uranium Backup client from USilio.

Open Uranium Backup and press the Web Console button:

USilio - Press Web Console

Specify the username and password of your USilio account:

USilio - Computer login

Choose the Group where you want to place the computer or create a new one:

USilio - Choose a Group

The connection is complete:

USilio - Connection completed

You can now monitor and manage the client from USilio. Click the Settings icon to manage the computer information or to disconnect it:

USilio - Uranium Backup client added


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